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Among the tea advantage is its significantly greater amount of anti-oxidants. When tea is created the youngest leaves are used as well as the buds of the tea plant. It is almost immediately picked and since it doesn’t go through much processing it As we all know green tea is famed for being packed full of antioxidants. The catch is that it has already lost some of its antioxidant properties in the processing of the leaves. In this case white tea is king because it has the greatest amount of antioxidants in each cup.

Tea like its greener relative is able to combat and prevent mutations as well. However, it has been found to have better mutation restrictive properties than green tea. This has helped fuel some research into how well white tea helps prevent cancer. Although research is still ongoing it has been found that white tea does a better job when it comes to inhibiting cancer cell growth.

White tea has also been found to help with fat cells. A study that was conducted in Germany has shown that white tea actually breaks down fat cells. The study which was conducted on human fat cells showed positive results in trying to eliminate fat. It even went a step further by actually inhibiting the growth of other fat cells. Although again, additional research has to be tested to see what causes the breakdown, the researchers believe that the caffeine as well as the anti-oxidants helped to break down the fat cells much more effectively than teas that were further processed.

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