Super Sonic
IGBT Based Pure Sine Wave Cyber UPS/ Inverter

Supersonicis committed to providing technically superior products and energy efficient solutions for a wide range of home, office, data center and industrial applications.

Our inverters are designed to suppress harmonic distortion and support heavy-duty commercial and industrial uses and available in the range of 2.5 KVA 36 V to 60 KVA 360 V DC.

UPSs or uninterruptible power supplies ensure continuous and disturbance-free power to your mission, critical applications as an important part of Supersonic’s power management solutions.

Important loads like lifts, staircase, parking, compounds & common lighting & security systems can be run through an Inverter designed to generate 3 Phase - 4 Wire OUT PUT .

Supersonic not only ensures uninterrupted processes with unmatched reliability but also meets your growing business demands with uniquely-designed scalability and flexibility.

Our customers can rest assure their back-up power will be up and running without interruption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Supersonic’s global network and services support our solutions with short response time and high-quality service.

15% Extra Back – up
Wide charging Window ( 110VAC to 280VAC)
Compact Design & Light Weight
20%- 25 % Saving in Electricity
Compatibility With Generator
OSCRCTM Technology Based Charger
External DC Fuse (Easy to Replace)
Capable of Charging/Recovering Deep-Discharged Battery
Zero Battery Consumption in ‘Switch Off ’ & ‘Mains Off ‘ Conditions
Pure Sine Wave even with Computer & Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Load
Lower Battery Discharge as compared to a conventional Home UPS/Inverter
Technical Specifications*
Description 650VA 850VA 1450VA
Output Voltage at No Load
220V±5V AC
Output Frequency
50.0 Hz ± 1.0Hz
Output Wave Form
Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage
12V DC 24V DC
Max. No Load Current @ Fully Charged Battery
1.2A 1.2A
Battery Low Alarm
10.6V ± 0.2V  DC 21V ± 0.4V  DC
Battery Low Protection
10.4V ± 0.2V  DC 20.8V ± 0.4V  DC
Peak Efficiency
>85% >85%
No Load Current @ Switch Off/ Mains Off
OA (Zero Amp)
THD (Total Hormonic Distortion )
< =3% @ resistive load
Full Load Battery Current
40A±2A 52A±2A 46A±2A
  UPS Mode
Input Voltage Range
180V to 260V Ac ± 5V Ac
Maximum Changeover Time
  Normal Mode
Input Voltage Range
100V to 280V Ac ± 10V Ac
Input Voltage Range For Charging
180V to 280V Ac ± 10V Ac
Maximum Changeover Time
  Charging Mode
Charging Current @ 220 V AC (NC)
7A+/-1A   9A+/-1A
Charging Current @ 220 V AC (HC)
10A+/-1A  9A+/-1A
Boost Charging Voltage
14.2 ± 0.2 VDC 28.4  ± 0.2 VDC
Float Charging Voltage
13.7 ± 0.2 VDC 27.4  ± 0.2 VDC
Battery Voltage Low (4 Auto Retries).
Over Load (6 Auto Retries)
Battery Over Charge, Over Temperature, Short Circuit (One Retry), Battery Deep Discharge  Protection
AC Mains Voltage, UPS ON/OFF
Short Circuit, Overload, Battery Low, Load %
Mains ON/OFF,
Battery Charging/Charged/Low
  Weight and Dimensions
With Packing WXDXH in mm
Without Packing WXDXH in mm
Net Weight
3.4 Kg 4.25 Kg
Gross Weight
4.2Kg 5.10Kg
4Pin Serial Interface for Calibration of Various Parameters
Operating Temprature Range
0Deg. To 45 Deg.
Relative Humidity
0-90% Non Condensing
Load Chart *
Load 650VA 850VA 1450VA
1 - - 1 - - 1 - -
Tube Light
4 4 - 6 5 - 10 8 -
3 4 - 4 5 - 7 9 -
- - 4 - - 5 - - 10
Note: The Charging Current can be increased / decreased using the unique and “first-in- class” On Site Charging Rate Control OSCRCTM features.
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