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Supersonic is the leading manufacturer of the widest variety of Diesel Engines in India that promise failsafe reliability and long life.

These diesel engines are the leading prime movers for agricultural construction, industrial and power generation applications, and being manufactured in both air-cooled and water cooled versions. The engine manufacturing facilities are continuously upgraded and improved to ensure the requisite quality at competitive cost.

We believe that the industry and environment can and must co-exist in a mutually beneficial way. Keeping this thought into practice is what has motivated us to manufacture the engines that are not only eco friendly but are also manufactured in an environment friendly way.

6 HP / 650 RPM (I.D.) 8 HP / 850 RPM (I.D.) 10 HP / 1000 RPM (I.D.) 12 HP / 1000 RPM (I.D.)
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12 HP (D.I.) Direct Injection Engine 14/1 HP (D.I.) Direct Injection Engine 16/1 HP (D.I.) Direct Injection Engine 16/2 HP Diesel Engine
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20/1 HP (D.I.) Direct Injection Engine 20/2 HP Diesel Engine    
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Technical Details :

Vertical Diesel Engine is rated on the effective horse power at engine crankshaft on a maximum load for continuous running. Each engine is tested as per IS : 11170 to give continuous rating.

Cooling : Engine Cooling is efficiently handled by run-through water supply. A radiator or a cooling tank could also be provided if required.
Lubrication : All internal moving parts are lubricated by splash system. In case of bush bearing type, 10 HP Engine, lubrication is by plunger type lubricating pump which is mounted below the fuel pump bracket and provides Lub. Oil to Tapper Roller Bearings & Connecting Rod big end bearing through banjo oil ring mounted on crank shaft, parts like valves, push rod etc. could be lubricated with the oil can.

Rotation : Standard rotation is clockwise, facing flywheel keeping exhaust on the left hand side.

Fuel Injection Equipment : MICO (Bosch ) or USHA Fuel injection Equipment or equivalent.

Governing : A sensitive centrifugal type Governor is mounted on camshaft gear wheel. Speed variation is controlled within limit to comply with “B1” Class Governing as mentioned in IS : 11170.

Cylinder Liner : The Cylinder liner is Hard Chrome Plated
Air Cleaner : Oil bath type Air Cleaner is Provided to clean incoming air. Use of clean air increases the life of the Cylinder liner.

Standard Equipments : Pulley, Spanner, Set, Screw Driver, Oiler, Starting Handle, Air Cleaner, Silencer, Fuel Tank, Tool Bag Instruction Manual and Hose Nipple.
Important Note : To get efficient engine performance, the temperature of cooling water coming out from the engine head should be in between 50 C 70 C. Kindly Operate the engine at this water temperature only.

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