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Aluminium Conductos
Aluminium Conductors

Aluminium Conductors are used in the Transmission and Distribution system to carry the generated electrical energy from generating station to the end user.
We manufacture different types of aluminum conductors which are :-

i) All Aluminium stranded conductors (AAC)
ii) Aluminium conductors, aluminized steel reinforced
iii) Aluminium conductors galvanized steel reinforced (ACSR)
iv) All Aluminum Alloy stranded Conductors (AAAC)
v) Aluminium conductors galvanized steel reinforced

ACSR generally used or transmission line and AAC and AAAC conductors for distribution of power carry out mostly the high voltage transmission. For transmission and distribution of electric power the conductors which we manufacture and supply have the following characteristics:

i) High conducting i.e. low specific resistance
ii) High tensile strength in order to withstand mechanical stress
iii) Low specific gravity in order to give low weight per unit volume
iv) Low cost in order to be used over long distance
v) Unbrittle

Aluminium Conductors
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