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Over the years the ASSUDAMAL GROUP has spread its wings over 4 continents with offices in Hong Kong, Nigeria, India and UK employing over 1000 people. The origin of the group dates back to 1929 when Utoomal & Assudamal Co. was amongst the few trading companies in Hong Kong. The late Assudamal Vaswani founded this company. Back in the year 1995 Supersonic exhibits its expertise through a planned quality control system. Today, after two decades of countless successful endeavours, Supersonic’s presence in the manufacturing and export business speaks of a reliable client base and international recognition. We also cater to wide range of clients based in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Lome, Congo, Panama and more.
When it comes to manufacturing and exporting a range of miscellaneous products, it requires a lot of insight which we at Supersonic strive to achieve with each and every step. The result is the successful delivery of quality products such as rice, paper, diesel engines, aluminum conductors, copper cables, biscuit manufacturing machinery and spares, bicycles and spares, tyres, whiskey etc.
Supersonic is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company adding another success story to our long list of personal satisfaction, including a certification from the Government of India rating us as a “STAR EXPORT HOUSE.” Moreover, Supersonic deploys a timely delivery of goods mechanism ensuring prompt business operations.
In fact, testimonials from our satisfied clientele inspire us to speed up business transactions even to a better level. However, this is done without hampering the overall quality of products. Thanks to the quality control inspectors at Supersonic who are always on the job of verifying excellence the most convincing way.

Getting to the Core
Holding on to our founding visions, Supersonic believes in maintaining a core business plan for the benefit of all those involved in our business transactions. The plan includes 7 excellent visions which are-
1. Developing and fortification of Products
2. Developing and execution of strategies that help all the parties in leveraging opportunities and meeting new challenges
3. High understanding of Technology related to manufacturing different products
4. Risk Management for safer production and sale of goods
5. Excellent understanding of client requirements and key drivers in the export market
6. Access to high quality resources for different products
7. Establishing partnerships with other intermediaries for business growth
Receiving the best at Supesonic
Understanding the requirement of a client needs no chain of never ending meetings. Our team of experts at Supersonic value your time and patience as well the competitions out in the world. Thus our hard earned experience enables a richer understanding of client needs, the competitive backdrop and the scopes of newer opportunities. In short, Supersonic is all about speed! This is because, for Supersonic, enabling end client satisfaction has never been a task but an art.

We hope this brings you to writing to us regarding your business queries. Answering you is something we enjoy apart from the other work we do at Supersonic.


About Us
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